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Veritas Vineyards and Winery

Andrew and Patricia Hodson established Veritas Winery in 1999. For more than 20 years, the Veritas family has worked tirelessly to produce high-quality wine in Virginia, and their efforts have paid off. Veritas wine excellence begins in the vineyard and the Blue Ridge Mountains, where the winery has more than 50 acres of vineyards and produces a wide range of wines, from sparkling to finely balanced reds. It’s been more than 15 harvests since Emily Hodson, daughter of Andrew and Patricia, has been the winemaker at Veritas. She aims to give each variety a genuine, balanced expression by concentrating on attention to detail and cultural norms. Her creative approach to winemaking combines traditional viticultural and vinification methods with cutting-edge technology and principles to produce wines that express each variety’s distinct flavours and aromas. Website

Valley Road Vineyards

Albemarle County’s Valley Road Vineyards, on Route 151 at the start of the Rockfish Valley, first opened its doors to the public in July 2016. A purveyor of exquisite wines, the company was conceived by friends who share a love for the Virginia grape. In the centre of the Monticello Viticultural Area, the vineyard is set on 22 acres and offers stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Website

Afton Mountain Vineyards

Afton Mountain Vineyards, the name we’ve given to our farm’s vineyard, was one of Virginia’s first to grow vines in 1978. Only six agricultural wineries existed in the state back then. Thanks to the original owners’ wise choice of site, we’ve been able to produce high-quality wines for the last 40 years. There are now 26 acres of vines planted with 11 different varieties of Vitis vinifera: Albarino, Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer; Muscat; Pinot Noir; Merlot; Sangiovese; Cabernet Sauvignon; Malbec; Petit Verdot; Tannat; and Tannat. We have doubled our plantings since 2009 to include 26 acres planted with 11 different varieties of Vitis vinifera grapes. Our grapes, located on the eastern slope of our eponymous Afton Mountain, benefit from daily exposure to the rising light, enhancing their ripening potential. A distinctive combination of heavy clay and silt known as “dyke-loam” was generated over time by the erosion of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Piedmont region of Virginia. We are protected from heavy rains and late spring frosts since we are very high elevation (almost 1,000 feet). Dehumidifying effects of our region’s humid environment are mitigated by a prevailing wind flowing through the neighbouring Rockfish and Humpback gaps. Winemaking may be difficult, but our farm’s attributes have helped us make wines that we are pleased with each year. Website

Cardinal Point Winery

Although we delight in producing high-quality and tasty wines, we take the greatest joy in developing wines that represent our distinct terroir, the winemaker’s unique inventiveness and bring a smile to our customers’ faces. Website

Mountain Cove Vineyards

We couldn’t have accomplished this without the support of Sailing’s late mother, Joyce. PoPo, as she was known, hopped aboard cargo ships from the Panama Canal to explore the globe. She visited London and Australia with Sailing, Julie, and Tres. We met new folks and spoke about our adventures. Website

Hazy Mountain Vineyards & Brewery

Our goal is to make wines that showcase our vineyards and their soils, resulting in the best bottle possible. Website

Turk Mountain Vineyards

Nestled on the eastern foothill of the Blue Ridge mountain in the heart of the Virginia Monticello wine district at 1,100 Ft above sea level atop its little mountain, the vineyard benefits from an exceptional location: deep loamy soil on granitic bedrock, hilltop subject to constant thermal draughts when the sun shines, North-South sun exposure with the added protection from violent westerly storms by a mature forest.Despite the presence of wild turkey on the property, the name of the place has no bird connection but is probably a designation of early unconventional immigrants coming as free slaves or escaped sailors from the Drake area before English colonisation, generally from the Mediterranean basin but not excluding certain Irish men and all grouped as Melugeons; Turks must have been part of the lot.Apple and peach orchards still exist on Turks Mountain. Grazing animals fertilised the earth for many years. Gilbert Tallard began planting grapes at this location in 2003. Because of this, half of the vineyard is Petit Verdot. Due to the vineyard’s small size, only red grapevines were planted. Website

Brent Manor Vineyards

We’re a small winery in Virginia’s Monticello wine area, south of Charlottesville. Website