Wineries in Albemarle County

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Best Wineries in Albemarle County

Moss Vineyards

Moss Vineyards welcomes you! Views from our mountainside vineyards and our new gold-medal-winning cider await you. Entrance to the Tasting Room is restricted to those who have received the required immunizations. If you’ve been completely immunized, you don’t need to wear a mask indoors. First come, first served for both inside and outdoor tables and chairs. Our working hours are below (F, S, S 12–5 pm). To keep children and dogs safe, both must be kept under control. Outside, alcohol is prohibited. However, guests are allowed to bring their seats and food. Moss Vineyards

Chisholm Vineyards at Adventure Farm

Chisholm Vineyards is more than just a winery with a wine tasting facility. A place to go. Guests may savour Chisholm Vineyards’ award-winning wines made with just grapes from the estate’s vineyards and the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountain backdrop, open lawns, live music, and fresh local cuisine. Chisholm Vineyards

White Hall Vineyards

White Hall Vineyards was founded in 1994 and produced award-winning wines. AVA (American Viticultural Area) Monticello situates us right in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountain range. The terroir of Virginia’s estate vineyards and the finesse characteristic of the state’s best wines are both evident in White Hall’s wines. Website

Hark Vineyards

In the conviction that beautiful scenery and good wine can bring people together, Hark Vineyards is an estate winery specializing in the production of award-winning wines. On weekends, our 80-acre property is available to visitors of all ages, including families. Cville International Airport is a 10-minute drive away. Website

King Family Vineyards

As a visitor to King Family Vineyards, you become a part of its history.Adventure, excitement, and a genuine welcome to a place we’re so proud to call home are woven together in this tale of discovery.Please! Website

Loving Cup Vineyard & Winery


Wisdom Oak Winery

North Garden, Virginia’s Wisdom Oak Winery is a small, family-run operation. The Monticello Wine Trail and UVA’s Charlottesville campus are only a short drive away. With a glass of wine in hand, have a picnic by the pond! In order to bring out the greatest characteristics of each of the varietals grown in our vineyard, we only make modest amounts of our wines. Our primary goal is to cultivate high-quality grapes that will result in exceptional wine. Website

Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards

Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards is unique among Monticello Wine Trail vineyards. Pippin Hill’s Tasting Room mixes its excellent boutique wines with some of the most sophisticated food found in these gentle hills. Local, fresh, seasonal, vineyard- and farm-to-table, with Pippin Hill’s casual elegance. Our vineyard grows the region’s greatest grapes, and our venue hosts the Southeast’s top events. We’re an all-season, adaptable, full-service venue for weddings, graduations, board meetings, and business dinners. Website

Chiswell Farm & Winery

Chiswell Farm & Winery, a Jeffersonian estate in Virginia, offers locally-crafted wines, magnificent vistas, and genuine hospitality. Chiswell Farm and Winery

Septenary Winery at Seven Oaks Farm

Grace Estate Winery was founded in 2013 to showcase Mount Juliet’s vineyard. Our vineyard, planted over 20 years ago, continues to produce wines of unmatched quality, exemplifying the Monticello terroir. Grace Estate, a family-owned company, honours the Grace family’s heritage. The Graces have been pioneers from Medieval times to the present. John and Lola Grace want to bring that attitude to winemaking. Grace Estate offers a special kind of hospitality. We hope you are lured in by the spirit of this place and return less as a client and more as a part of our family. Cheers! Website

Merrie Mill Farm and Vineyard

Merrie Mill Farm & Vineyard in Keswick, VA. Established by Guy and Elizabeth Pelly, Merrie Mill reimagines the tasting room experience by combining warm, accessible hospitality with a bizarre and lovely atmosphere. Merrie Mill’s Tasting Room has two copper bars, various terraces, and lawns overlooking the vineyards. Wine tastings and meals may be reserved. Merrie Mill is noted for its friendly, fun mood, wonderful wine, and maximalist design and art. Designed by Jenn Grandchamp of Kemble Interiors in cooperation with Elizabeth Pelly, the tasting room is a personal and stylish extension of the Pelly house. Website