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Barter Theatre

After announcing, “With veggies, you can’t get rid of,” Barter Theatre opened its doors to the public. Admission costs 40 cents or about the same as food. Theatregoers paid for their tickets with produce, milk, and cattle. It was a surprise to many people that all of the seats for the first performance had been taken. The idea of exchanging “ham for Hamlet” immediately became popular. After the first season, the Barter Company had made $4.35 in cash, two barrels of jelly, and a combined increase of nearly 300 pounds in weight. At least once a year, Barter’s heritage is celebrated by contributing to Feeding America Southwest Virginia at one of its performances. ” Barter Theatre’s birthday is celebrated with Barter Days in June, and those showtimes will be included on our Ways to Save the page. Website

Little Washington Theatre

Musical and theatrical performances by professional actors and singers are often offered at the Theatre on weekends, and typically for only one or two performances. The Rappahannock Association for the Arts and the Community (RAAC), in addition to the Theatre’s performances, offers films. Occasionally, the Theatre hosts gatherings for the local community. Please check out the current season for a comprehensive list of future events. Website