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Museum at the Edinburg Mill

From Civil War memorabilia to Civilian Conservation Camp displays, the 1848 Edinburg Mill recreates the Shenandoah Valley’s hands-on history with exhibits on Civilian Conservation Camp, Civil War history and much more! Website

Mt Jackson Museum

Mount Jackson became an important commercial and transportation hub around 1830. Today’s Interstate 81 was built on the Valley Turnpike, which was also known as Route 11. Mount Jackson is now home to a wide range of enterprises, both domestic and foreign. For decades, these roads have brought commerce, travel, and people to Mount Jackson. Early American architectural styles such as Colonial Revival, Gothic Revival, and more can now be seen in a wide range of structures built by local residents. Because of Mrs Betty Burke and her Garden Club, the Town of Mount Jackson Historic District became a National Register property in 1993. Website

Virginia Museum of the Civil War

At our museum, which is located just outside of New Market, on May 15th, 1864, visitors may reflect on the Battle of New Market. Battles were fought by students from the Virginia Military Institute, some of them as young as 15. The Shenandoah Valley Tourist Information Center, an Emmy-winning film, Field of Lost Shoes, and a 300-acre battlefield park preserving the main parts of the battlefield and historic Bushong Farm are just some of the many attractions at the site. Website

Catherine Furnace

One of numerous pig iron furnaces in the Shenandoah Valley built-in 1840, Catherine Furnace first went into operation in 1841. As part of the Shenandoah Iron Works, it was purchased by William Milnes in 1865 and operated alongside Big Gem. A 20-foot-by-20-foot pyramid of a furnace survives today to remind the Valley’s industrial past. Two natural trout streams come together at the Furnace’s location: Roaring Run and Cub Run. Be on the lookout for white-tailed deer and black bears in this region, one of the best places to observe them. Listen for wood thrush and yellow-billed and black-billed cuckoos throughout the summer months. Keep an ear out in the early evening for the whip-poor-will’s cry in the deeper woods. Woodpeckers abound in this region. Near the Furnace, sightings of various raptors, including the northern flicker, red-bellied, pileated, hairy, and downy, have been reported. Hooded, Kentucky, pine, worm-eating, black-and-white warblers, northern parula, ovenbird, Louisiana waterthrush, and American redstart are all known to be present in the area. Website

Strasburg Museum

The Strasburg Museum is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organisation. To preserve and understand the history and culture of Strasburg and the surrounding region, it will acquire, conserve, and interpret objects. Website

Hupp’s Hill Historical Park

The Strasburg Visitor and Information Center attracts around 7,000 tourists to our region each year. The Town of Strasburg and Shenandoah Valley Battlefield Foundation work together to run it. Website

Shenandoah Germanic Heritage Museum

The Shenandoah Germanic Heritage Museum’s mission is to educate the general public about the region’s Germanic heritage. We display historic Germanic homesteads and everyday objects, tell tales of Germanic life and compile genealogical information on the area’s German population. Website

Hottle-Keller Memorial

Both the Keller and Hottel estates in Mt Olive, Virginia, are owned by HKMI. The land gift from Lord Thomas Fairfax in 1750 was used to acquire 392 acres of land. The Shenandoah Germanic Heritage Museum, located in the Loom House at the Homestead, is also run by the group. At this moment, the Museum is only available to those who have made an appointment in advance. Admission to the event is free of charge. Please contact 540-459-5199 ahead of time and leave your name, phone number, and a short message with the day and time you would like to come in for a visit. We’ll get back to you to confirm. Website

Woodstock Museum

We’ve depended only on volunteers from its founding in 1969: Docents, Board members & Officers; the lovely community in Virginia. We’re grateful for all of your support. Website

Shenandoah Museum of Contemporary Art

SHEN MoCA is a contemporary art destination and cultural anchor for Shenandoah Valley’s cultural renaissance.An international platform for Art, Nature & Technology projects that celebrate visionaries who take us on perceptual, adventurous, and transformative journeys.Originator and host of the Strasburg Biennial. Website