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Bridgewater Historical Society Museum

Established in June of this year to preserve and promote Bridgewater, Virginia’s rich heritage.We keep a Museum and Gift Shop open for visitors in the heart of town with plenty of parking.The people, places, and lifestyles of a town may be documented via a visual history.Below you’ll find a collection of images documenting significant moments in Bridgewater’s past. Website

Virginia Quilt Museum

Sharing and praising Jesus Christ’s narrative through the Brethren and Mennonites of Shenandoah Valley are the goals of the Brethren & Mennonite Heritage Center. Website

Brethren & Mennonite Heritage Center

By sharing and celebrating Jesus Christ’s narrative through the lives of the Shenandoah Valley’s Brethren and Mennonites, we want to inspire others to follow Christ in the same way. Website

Explore More Discovery Museum

Continue Reading The Discovery Museum is a wonderful place for children to explore, discover, play, and engage. The good times continue throughout the year! Website

Historic Turner-Brenneman Mill

Abraham Breneman, a Pennsylvania native who moved to North Carolina in 1770, erected this monument on Linville Creek in the late 1700s. During the pioneer era, the water-powered mill functioned as a hub of community life because of its crucial role in grinding grain into flour, hominy, and cow feed. Rockingham County’s lone pre-Civil War grist mill is still in use, and neighbours helped put out fires started by General Sheridan during his 1864 campaign. He envisioned it as a site where future generations may learn about milling and watch it in action from 1933 until 1988 when J. Howard Turner was its most recent owner. Website

Plains District Memorial Museum

The Plains District Memorial Museum in Timberville, Virginia, is a dynamic small-town museum… The Museum has an extraordinary collection of artefacts from the Shenandoah Valley and rotating exhibitions depicting “life as it was.” Website