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Museum of the Shenandoah Valley

To preserve and enhance the region’s rich cultural history, the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley was established in 1989. Website

Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum

By 1996, the Museum’s aim had been considerably more fully realised than the three founders could have imagined when they first conceived of it. As a result of the initial five exhibitions at 54 S. Loudoun Street in Winchester, Virginia, youngsters were imbued with a feeling of curiosity and want to learn about the world. As a result of popular demand, the Museum has expanded its gallery space to accommodate a wider range of events and special exhibitions. Teachers bring their students to the Museum to participate in programmes led by museum educators that reinforce the Virginia Standards of Learning. A beautifully rebuilt 1950s furniture building off of downtown Winchester’s historic pedestrian mall became the new home of the Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum in May 2014. Over 70,000 visitors a year use the facility’s expansive, sunny 19200-square-foot interior. Fourteen exhibits, a changing weekly programme, and a posse of collaborations and visiting lecturers in the new museum space. Website

Stonewall Jackson’s Headquarters

In the winter of 1861-1862, General “Stonewall” Thomas Jackson utilised this Hudson River Gothic Revival-style mansion in Virginia and the National Historic Landmark as his headquarters.William McP. Fuller constructed the home in 1854 on property that was once part of a five-acre out-lot with the number 52, according to the John Baylis plan of Winchester, which was drawn out in 1752. DURING THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR, Lewis T. Moore, a Lt. Colonel in the Fourth Virginia Volunteers, bought Fuller’s “cottage” on April 1, 1856. Lewis T. Moore, a lieutenant colonel, offered Jackson the use of his house as his headquarters. The situation is lovely,” Mrs Jackson reads from a letter sent by Stonewall Jackson. In the style of a cottage, it has six bedrooms. Two rooms, one above the other, are available to me. Matting covers the floor of my bottom room, or office, which has a huge beautiful table, six chairs, and a piano… Elegant gilded paper covers the walls. “I can’t recall seeing papering as gorgeous as this.” A sliver of the original wallpaper was discovered, and now a replica hangs in Jackson’s office for everyone to see. Personal items belonging to Jackson’s employees are also on display at the mansion, making it the most comprehensive museum dedicated to the singer. Among the exhibits in the Museum are Jackson’s prayer table, an autographed prayer book, and other Jackson family heirlooms. The Museum pays homage to General Jackson, Robert E. Lee’s most prized general, recognising his military prowess. Men were inspired to follow him because of his honesty and bravery. General Jackson’s office remains almost unchanged from its original state, ensuring that it retains the atmosphere of the period in which it was occupied. Website