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Virginia Lake Management

The Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services industry includes the Newport News, Virginia-based Solitude Lake Management Company LLC. All of Solitude Lake Management Company LLC’s facilities combine to employ 70 people, with annual revenues of $12.32 million (USD). (An expected sales number is given). The Solitude Lake Management Company LLC corporate family consists of eight businesses. Website

Jack Frost Landscapes & Garden Center

Jack Frost Landscapes & Garden Center in Virginia Beach, VA, is a family-run garden center. Landscape-related items such as trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants; water gardening supplies; equipment; and more are all sold, designed, and maintained by owner David Dubinsky, who has been servicing Hampton Roads since 1983. With our landscaping service, you get the best of both worlds: the human touch and cutting-edge technology. Our major goal is to provide high-quality goods and services at all times. There are many different sorts of gardens that we may create at Jack Frost Landscapes & Garden Center, but we specialize in revitalizing existing lawns and flowerbeds with our expert designers and skillful artisans. No surprise, Jack Frost Landscapes & Garden Shop has become an award-winning enterprise with year-round excitement and skilled plant selection and installation utilizing the best quality nursery stock from our garden center! We have everything you’ll need for your next gardening endeavor with our entire collection of garden products! With that in mind, Jack Frost Landscapes and Garden Center is here to help you turn a new leaf and build the garden of your dreams! Website

Koizilla Monster Ponds Inc

Whether you’re looking for a pond or a pool, a patio or a deck, or an outdoor kitchen, we can help you design and build the perfect space for you and your family. We also provide service and maintenance for ponds and pools, as well as custom pool covers and pool liners, high-quality Koi and goldfish, and high-quality fish food. We can construct whatever you can imagine! Website