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Burnt Mills Reservoir

The 711-acre Lake Burnt Mills, which serves as a water source for the City of Norfolk, is surrounded by dense woodlands and manicured grasslands. During the winter, a spotting scope or binoculars can be used to observe waterfowl from an elevated berm, and shorebirds such as spotted sandpipers, yellowlegs, and others can be seen migrating through the area. Southern toad, pickerel and green frog, and green treefrog all live in the swampy embankments of this reservoir. They’re also plentiful in the summer months. Website

Lake Kilby

The oldest water supply lake in Portsmouth is Lake Kilby. The millpond dates back to the colonial period. The 222-acre property’s top half is covered in a beautiful cypress swamp. The water has a heavy tannin tint and is just mildly acidic. Website

Lake Meade Park

One of the park’s many attractions is the Howard Mast Tennis Complex, with ten tennis courts available for public use. Another highlight of the area is Lake Meade Park Dog Park. Website

Lake Prince

Lake Prince is an ancient Norfolk lake. In 1925, it was taken into custody. Several long, narrow coves branch out from the main body of the lake (946 acres), which is why the lake is called “dendritic.” Water for Lake Prince comes mostly from the Ennis and the Carbell wetlands. Cypress woods cover the higher reaches of these marshes. Website

Western Branch Reservoir

The City of Norfolk owns six water supply reservoirs that are available for fishing, including this one. Burnt Mills Reservoir is situated in the Isle of Wight County; Whitehurst Lake, Virginia Beach, and Norfolk; Smith Reservoir and Lawson Reservoir are both located in Virginia Beach. All lakes need a boat permit to launch and fish (see the More Information page for more information on boat permits). A daily or yearly boat permit is necessary. Website