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Switzer Lake

It’s awe-inspiring to see this enormous body of water. The surrounding mountains look like they’re about to fall into the lake, evoking the majestic paintings of the late Bob Ross. Waterfowl migration and winter should be monitored at the lake. When it’s not a nesting season, you might see herons like the great blue and green, as well as other birds like the bald eagle and the osprey, hunting for fish. Woodland birds can be found in the nearby hills, which are densely wooded. Across the lake, the raucous call of the Pileated Woodpecker can be heard. Ruffed grouse and wild turkeys prowl the roadsides while American goldfinches chatter overhead. Enthusiasts of butterflies will find much to discover here; species such as the American painted lady, tiger, spicebush swallowtails, and question marks have been observed. The abundance of Black-Eyed Susan, milkweed, wild columbine, and Queen Anne’s lace leaves little doubt about why they frequent this location. Website