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Lake Drummond

Historical and beautiful Lake Drummond is formed like a bowl because of the organic acids that have leached into the water from marsh and peat soils in the surrounding area. The pH of the lake is typically between 4.5 and 5.0. Just a few fish species can survive in this area because of the low pH and poor nutrition levels. Among the fish in the lake are crappie, yellow perch and chain pickerel, and bullhead catfish. The spring is the ideal time to catch crappie for sport fishing. Predators such as bowfin and longnose gar predominate in the lake. Fishermen should be prepared for a “heart-thumping” struggle if they catch one of them. Because Lake Drummond is so huge (3,142 acres), it may be quite dangerous in high winds. Aside from the fact that the lake is somewhat small (maximum depth of six feet). Either a feeder ditch off the Dismal Swamp Canal (on the lake’s east side) or a road through the refuge on the lake’s west side provides boaters access to Lake Drummond. Website