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Woodpecker Farm Equestrian

After moving to Woodpecker Farm in 1972, Charles and his wife brought six horses and three foals. His legacy would be carried on by a long line of local, state, and national champions. Woodpecker is the best champion equine in the world. Pat (Mrs. Charles Linton) was a member and previous president of the Virginia Pony Breeders Association. Virginia breed ponies have earned a cult following in the United States. The farm’s youthful riders had outgrown their ponies a few years later. There is still a lot of horse breeding taking on. Woodpecker ponies have won several championships from the American Horse Show Association, the Virginia Horse Show Association, and the Virginia Pony Breeders Association. Forrest and Beth formed the organization in 1997 to regulate the rules and provide year-end rewards for local horse competitions in their area. Consequently, the “Battlefield Horse Show Association” was founded to oversee these events۔ Website