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Six thousand and eight hundred and sixty-nine yards of spacious, meticulously groomed fairways and tees make up Hamptons Golf Course. As well as spectacular views of the lake and lush flora, the golf club’s Clubhouse has an artistically unique design. The Hamptons Golf Course is ideal for any golfing event or special occasion. Website


The Great Salt Lake looms large over Eaglewood Golf Course, nestled in the Wasatch Mountains. Due to the course’s hilly terrain, golf carts are strongly advised. A sharply sloped fairway is the trademark of this course. Although the fairways are tight, the course is not difficult to play. The greens are where this course becomes tough. Undulating and two-tiered greens characterize the majority of golf courses. When playing with the locals, the greens are usually pretty fast. However, they were incredibly sluggish during our morning round. Approximately 70% of the typical green speed is being used. Despite the best advice from locals, these greens were still difficult to decipher, even though the mountains and the Great Salt Lake separate them. Website

The Woodlands

Golfers of all abilities will enjoy The Woodlands Golf Course’s scenic vistas and varied terrain. The Woodlands Golf Course’s fairways and greens are well-groomed, making the course challenging yet pleasant at the same time. The Woodlands Golf Course in Hampton, Virginia, is a great place to play golf regularly or for the first time with friends. Website