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Cave Hill Farms Brewery

Since 1759, we’ve owned Cave Hill Farms Brewery. King George II of England handed the Hopkins family their estate in 1759. This land grant provided the Hopkins family ownership of approximately 1,000 acres. Since then, the farm has expanded to 359 acres. This farm has seen numerous crops and cattle throughout the years. Cave Hill Farms had 500 dairy cows, a big poultry population, and hundreds of acres of varied farmland between 1960 and 2008. The “Loafing Shed” is where cattle were kept before being milked. These cows were fed, watered, and pampered in this shed to maximise milk production. So we decided to establish the beer tasting room in this building to gratify every visitor. The farm has a rich history spanning over 180 years. It’s grown almost every crop and animal species in our area, including sheep, pigs, goats, dairy cows, beef cows, turkeys, laying chickens, broiler chickens, and turkey breeding hens. Due to shifting needs and new trends, this farm has produced almost any animal or crop imaginable. Beer is made up of hops, barley, water, and yeast. We cultivate barley, hops, and water from a family well. This water is vitamin-rich and fresh. “Old Ways, New Days,” we say. We have a long history and use the same components as our forefathers. Cave Hill Farms Brewery takes pleasure in providing some of the most varied, unusual, and delectable beers you’ve ever tasted. Every glass embodies Cave Hill Farms’ tradition. So, welcome to Cave Hill Farms Brewery, Bed & Breakfast, Pumpkin Patch, and Stables. Website

Elkton Brewing Company

ELKTON BREWING CO. is a family-owned nano-brewery providing handcrafted beers in Elkton, Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Website

Brothers Craft Brewing

We have always lived in Harrisonburg, VA, so why not build a brewery here? With a close-knit and caring community, every inch of Virginia seems home. An ambition to make innovative, distinctive craft beers that highlight and support our community was the driving force behind the founding of Brothers Craft Brewing (formerly Three Brothers Brewing). This community became our extended family quickly. Our personnel, customers, and partners have all become brothers. We rebranded our company as Brothers Craft Brewing to honour the individuals we’ve surrounded ourselves with and ensure our capacity to flourish. We believe our new name accurately reflects our company’s progress despite the hurdles. Why have three brothers when we have so many? When we began this, we couldn’t have envisioned its success. From December 2012 till now, we’ve shared our enthusiasm for a beautifully brewed, excellent beer with every one of our followers. Website