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Cumberland Theatre

It was a joyous occasion for the Cumberland Theatre to mark its 30th anniversary in 2018. An independent non-profit theatre run by two artistic directors, the 501(C)(3) organization is owned completely by the members of its Board of Directors. The time and money that these people of the community provide for the theatre’s upkeep and upkeep are priceless. Various committee members and front-of-house staff members also donate their time to help the Theatre. Website

Embassy Theatre

The Embassy was rented by Capitol Theatre manager Grace M. Fisher, who paid close care to every detail to ensure her guests were as comfortable as possible. New Art Deco aesthetic grandeur, first-rate silver screen and superb acoustics were on display at the Embassy, constructed with an orchestra section and balcony for 400 clients. In addition to the 50-cent ticket charge, patrons may use the marble water fountains in the foyer, stroll upstairs for lunch, and settle into their leather seats to see the first-run movies before returning to their seats for the second screening. Website