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City Park Train Hub

The City Park Railroad Museum and Steam Locomotive No. 202 are housed at the City Park Train Hub. The Western Maryland Railroad Company donated the vast majority of the objects in this collection to the University of Maryland. Pump Cars and Velocipedes, both of which brought employees to railways or rail cars for maintenance, are of particular significance. One of the Museum’s most notable pieces is Steam Engine 202. Passengers and luggage were hauled between Baltimore and Hagerstown by this locomotive, which was manufactured in 1912 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works. In 1953, it was retired. The engine is 77 feet long and weighs a total of 415,000 pounds. Only one Western Maryland road-type steam locomotive, Steam Engine 202, is still in existence. There are also six cabooses on a show with the locomotive and coal tender. Website

Washington County Historical Society

Founded in 1911, the Washington County Historical Society aims to preserve and promote the history and culture of Maryland’s Washington County.There is a historic townhouse in downtown Hagerstown that is run by the Washington County Historical Society, the Miller House Museum. One of Hagerstown’s most affluent families is featured in the Museum’s exhibits. Exhibitions commemorating significant events in Washington County history are also on display. Website

Washington County Museum of Fine Arts

The Washington County Museum of Fine Arts (WCMFA), founded in 1931 by Anna Brugh Singer and her husband William H. Singer, Jr., is one of the best little museums in the United States. For the people of Hagerstown, Washington County and the surrounding area, the Museum’s aim is to acquire, conserve, interpret and display the art of enduring quality. Through the development, interpretation, and care of art collections; the creation of original and educational exhibitions; the presentation of interpretive lectures, concerts, films, art instruction and other programmes to ensure that visitors gain a better appreciation and understanding of the fine arts, the Museum’s mission is accomplished. Website

Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum

The Roundhouse Museum in Hagerstown, Maryland, is committed to educating the public about the history of railroads in the area. Restoration, preservation, entertainment, and education all go a long way toward accomplishing this goal. This is what we want to achieve in the Museum’s mission: Railroad equipment preservation and repair, including steam and diesel locomotives, passenger and freight carriages, as well as other rolling stock. It is important to preserve the Hagerstown Roundhouse’s history, activities, significant events and personnel. Educating the general public about rail transportation’s long-term sustainability and energy efficiency. Through displays, seminars, and other media, people may learn about the history of railroading. Website