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Little Red Schoolhouse

The St. Clement’s Island Museum near Colton’s Point, Maryland, is home to the Little Red Schoolhouse, a 19th-century building that has been restored and conserved. It reminds us of the importance of education in our country’s early years and one of the many one-room schoolhouses that dot the landscape. Website

The Old Jail Museum & Leonardtown Visitor Center

The St. Mary’s County Museum Division maintains four museums and historical places. It is the responsibility of the St. Mary’s County Recreation and Parks Department and the St. Mary’s County Government to oversee and operate the St. Mary’s County Museum Division. Website

Patuxent River Naval Air Museum

Our goal is to “Preserve, Educate, and Inspire” by showcasing the history of Naval Aviation, particularly at Naval Air Station Patuxent River’s Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation (RDT&E). Our goal is to serve as a long-term educational and tourist attraction in the Southern Maryland region. Website

Piney Point Lighthouse Museum & Historic Park

Learn about the nautical history and the U1105 Historic Shipwreck Dive Preserve, then climb the oldest lighthouse on the Potomac, wander the beach, paddle your kayak around, and take in the park’s pier and more on 6 acres. Website

Saint Marys City Archaeology Research Centre

A museum of living history and archaeology, Historic St. Mary’s City is one of America’s most important historic sites, located in Maryland’s first capital in Southern Maryland. Website

Historic St. Mary’s City

History comes to life at Historic St. Mary’s City, which serves as a museum of living history and an archaeological dig site. Website