Museums in Prince George’s County

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Best Museums near me in Prince George’s County

Laurel Historical Society

To preserve and explain the history and culture of the Laurel region, the Laurel Historical Society has established itself as a modest, community-based museum and archives. Website

Darnall’s Chance House Museum

Change the course of your day! Experience life in the 18th century at Darnall’s Chance House Museum. Discover what life was like for the colonial ladies who lived in Lettice Lee’s house by taking a tour. Website

Patuxent Rural Life Museums

Museums and farm buildings devoted to preserving southern Prince George’s County’s history may be found at the Jug Bay Natural Area near the visitor centre.At the W. Henry Duvall Tool Museum, you’ll find everything from a blacksmith shop with a Farrier and Tack Shop to a Tobacco Farming Museum, a Duckett Log Cabin complete with its privy and chicken coop, a 1923 Sears catalogue home. Website