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DoodleHATCH Interactive Art Museum

If you’re looking for something fresh and interesting to do with your family, go no further than DoodleHATCH.Explore our fantasy department store to find creatures from fairy tales, mythologies, and other planets in this interactive art installation. Children and toddlers will enjoy a hands-on experience. Visit our different exhibitions and displays to see creativity in action and arouse your visitors’ curiosity. Whether you’re a child or a grown-up, you’ll be able to unleash your inner artist by participating in one of our various craft courses. Website

Museum of Howard County History

Established in 1958, the Howard County Historical Society provides access to a wide range of materials that aid in historical research and discovery for people of all ages and backgrounds. Founded in 1958, the Howard County Historical Society provides access to materials that aid historical exploration. Website

Howard County Living Farm Heritage Museum

Founded in 1995, the Howard County Antique Farm Machinery Club is dedicated to preserving the agricultural history of Maryland’s Howard County. More than 300,000 people live in Howard County, which covers an area of 253 square miles in central Maryland. Howard County, located between Baltimore and Washington, DC, has a diversified population, and fast expansion and development are not uncommon… There are metropolitan areas in the east and rolling countryside in the west of our region of jurisdiction. There’s a danger that our community’s agricultural way of life may soon be extinct. The Howard County Living Farm Heritage Museum is one of the primary ways we fulfil our purpose. Visitors to Historic Howard County may learn more about the area via our events and demonstrations, and exhibits. Learn more about Howard County’s Living Farm Heritage Museum and its many educational and entertaining programmes and events by checking out the sites. Website