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House of Yoder

The Yoder House is a living history museum located in the highlands of Western Maryland. Founded in 1995, the House of Yoder, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit company that aims to raise knowledge and appreciation of the Yoder family’s European and American roots. Our nation’s founding document lays forth its goals. The Yoder House in Grantsville, Maryland’s Spruce Forest Artisan Village was our most significant undertaking. The house was inspired by the Swiss-built Yoder residences of the mid-1700s. Website

Grantsville Museum

There are three museums housed at the Garrett County Historical Society, each with a different focus on different aspects of Garrett County’s history. In addition to the Garrett County Historical Museum’s collection of relics, the Grantsville Community Museum’s collection of images and artefacts conveys the captivating tale of Grantsville and Western Maryland via the community’s contributions. In order to build the new Garrett County Museum of Transportation, the Howard and Audrey Naylor Family Trust Foundation made a substantial grant. A collection of Leo J. Beachy photographs shot between 1905 and 1927 is also available via the Garrett County Historical Society. Here, you may explore an extensive collection of glass plate negatives from Garrett County’s history. They are an expressive and evocative window into the past. Website

Oakland B & O Railroad Museum

Before John Work, Garrett was B&O’s president and E. Francis Baldwin served as the company’s chief architect, two individuals had a vision for the company’s future. The Central Building and Camden Station in Baltimore and the Parkersburg, West Virginia, station were constructed by these guys. The bitter battle among B&O owners led to Mr Garrett’s appointment as company president in 1858. A race was on between the B&O and the Pennsylvania Railroad to control the primary railroad line leading westward. Mr Garrett was accountable to shareholders and promised a fair return on their investments. At the same time, the Railroads were striving to offer the most convenient and quickest service at the lowest possible cost. During the Civil War, John made commitments to the Union and assured Lincoln that railroads would be used to aid the Northern struggle. When it came to shaping western Maryland, Mr Garrett had considerable authority in Annapolis’ corridors of power and Baltimore’s government. They chose to honour him by renaming the final county in Maryland after he was given the authority to do so. In return, a gorgeous railroad station, a chapel, and several hotels were among his gifts. To get to these southern sites, travellers used the train. Mr Garrett died at his house in Deer Park, California, in September of 1884, the same year the Oakland Station was built. Website