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Rich Hill Farm House

In Charles County, Maryland, Rich Hill is an 18th-century mansion having ties to both George Washington’s and Abraham Lincoln’s last days. Our nation’s history and the history of Southern Maryland are at the heart of everything we do at the Friends of Rich Hill. Website

Maxwell Hall

The Friends of Maxwell Hall, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit volunteer group, has brought together people who have a particular affinity for Maxwell Hall. As part of our efforts to preserve and celebrate the history of Maxwell Hall in Southern Maryland, we organise a variety of programmes, open houses and special events in the historic building. The Friends of Maxwell Hall are excited to take on a new role as interpreter and steward in collaboration with the Charles County administration. Aside from making a difference in people’s lives and Society, the Friends also believe that interpretation and stewardship are the only means to that purpose. All are welcome to join the Friends of Maxwell Hall. Membership is free. Website

La Plata Train Station Museum

La Plata’s railway station has long been a symbol of the creation and expansion of our community. Additionally, it is the only remaining passenger station on the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad’s Pope’s Creek Line. If a museum were to chronicle La Plata’s history, it should be located here, along with a museum devoted to the rise and fall of the Pope’s Creek Line. The museum’s journey has just begun. Regular operating hours backed by volunteer docents will be offered on certain days throughout the year. We’re hoping that we’ll be able to increase those hours as we grow. Website

Cedarville Band Of Piscataway Indians

The Washington, D.C. metropolitan region has its origins in the Piscataway Conoy civilisation, which dates back 24,000 years (DMV).It all begins with a name; Kinwaw Paskestikweya, “The people who live on the long river with a curve in it,” or what we now call the Potomac, is the English translation of Kinwaw Paskestikweya “The people who dwell on the long river with a bend in it.” Our forefathers may not have used these names, but First Nations families gave them in the area to identify where they were located. We’ll always be known as Wee-So for as long as we exist. Those families that inhabited these tidewaters are our ancestors. Non-profit organisation and Band/Clan/Nation. For 38 years, we held Maryland’s only Pow-Wow and sole Piscataway Museum at our cultural and resource centre amid our ancient hunting grounds, now known as Waldorf, Maryland. Whose foundation has always been established and sustained by the collective efforts of the band/clan members themselves? They continue to deny that we have a genuine claim to stewardship of this land and its resources, even though we have been recognised by Maryland as First Families here. This territory belongs to us, and our present efforts aim to return to that position. By participating, we may begin to the right the many wrongs done to our ancestors by white supremacy, eco-terrorism, and genocide, not simply helping us escape poverty and colonialism. Website

Dr. Samuel A. Mudd House Museum

On the outskirts of Waldorf, in Maryland, the Dr Samuel A. Mudd Society is dedicated to preserving and interpreting St. Catharine’s history. We want to educate the general public about the murder of Abraham Lincoln, the lives of Dr Mudd and his family, and the people who lived on the farm at the time of the assassination. Society’s goal is to present the narrative in a fair and impartial light by following historians’ ethical and moral standards. Website

Fairytale Museum

Inspire, educate, and entertain yourself at the Fairytale Museum! Website