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Western Maryland Railway Historical Society

Rarely do historical societies like the Western Maryland Railway Historical Society have their Museum on-site. Members and the general public will be able to take full advantage of this rare chance to experience and study our collection up close. As a result, it acts as a hub for all of the Society’s events and activities. There is a substantial collection of W.M. relics and archival material from the Western Maryland Railway and an enormous railroader’s library with historical and technical materials on the W.M. and other regional routes. For example, the CTC panel for much of the Lurgan Subdivision may be seen in the exhibits from Hagerstown, Md., and Ridgeley, W.Va. Model train layouts are an integral aspect of the organisation. Located at the Museum is a permanent N-scale layout depicting the portion of the East Subdivision of the Western Maryland Railway from Union Bridge to the Twin Bridges (west of Thurmont) in the 1950s. In the depot structure, you’ll find a 4-by-16-foot H.O. size layout. Website

Carroll County Farm Museum

Westminster, Carroll County in Maryland, is home to the Carroll County Almshouse and Farm, also known as the Carroll County Farm Museum. Fifteen buildings, including the main house and its outlying structures, make up the complex. Website