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Columbia Horse Center

It all started with a boyhood dream: Morningside Stables. Horses were a big part of everyday life in my family, and I spent much of my time at the stable. Like many horse-mad girls, I aspired to own my Farm one day. It wasn’t until later in life that I realized how much I loved the equestrian industry. Later, after becoming engaged, I got married and had a family, and I was able to pass on my passion for horses to my children. At the Andover Equestrian Center, I was given to take over operations, and Morningside Stables was formed. Andover Equestrian Center has grown into two other facilities (Andy Smith Equestrian Center and Columbia Horse Center), both within a short drive of Baltimore in the years following. Website

Merkel Farm Equestrian Center

Stephanie Serenati-Merkel is the owner and operator of Merkel Farm, a family-run equestrian facility. A short drive from the Washington, Annapolis, and Baltimore metro regions, Merkel Farm is between Bowie State University and the Patuxent Wildlife Preserve. Website

Great Escape Stables

Our goal at Great Escape is to make you want to stay as long as possible. A location where everyone gets along and no one needs to worry about coming up at the same time as that border they don’t get along with has been built because it is tranquil and family-friendly. We’re a completely drama-free workplace, and we’ll stay that way for the foreseeable future. Boarders and horses alike benefit from the tranquil setting. Website

Clover Run riding

In Harwood, Maryland, Clover Run Farm provides a wide variety of services for riders of all abilities and disciplines. We want to help you become a better rider and horseman by offering individual and group sessions that encourage communication between you and your equine partner. We strive to provide a safe and encouraging learning environment with a strong community spirit. Website

Encore Stables

Fulton, Maryland, in the western part of Howard County, is home to Encore Stables. Boarding is available at our serene 34-acre property, where one-on-one dressage and balanced-seat-focused training is available on your horse or ours. Website

Loftmar Stables

Its address is 17620 Central Ave, Bowie, Maryland, United States, where Loftmar Stables Inc operates as a Non-profit Organization Management firm. Website

Chesapeake Therapeutic Riding

People of all abilities may participate in adaptive recreation and farm-based education programs offered by CTR, including children and people with special needs. Website

Frederick County 4H Therapeutic Riding

In the spring of 1983, the University of Maryland Frederick County Extension Agent urged the Frederick County 4H Horse and Pony Club to set up a therapeutic riding program for Frederick County, Maryland. In Lewistown, Maryland, Silverado Farm hosts the program. Special needs riders had a safe and enjoyable experience thanks to Paul J. Cramer, a 13-year head instructor. On Saturdays in 1984, the program had 16 riders, but now it has 78 participants; there are three instructors and many more therapists; there are 18 horses and ponies, and there are more than a dozen horses and ponies. Website


Quality riding training is provided in a low-stress, fun environment. There are many weeks of summer day camp and several concerts and activities over the summer. Website

Progressive Equestrian Therapy

We gave him the nickname “Blue Dancer” because of his blue eyes. He didn’t want to load on a horse trailer or go through water. However, it took a lot of hard work and faith for our “Blue” to mature. When we had to remove a nail from Blue’s right rear foot, he showed us how to be better carers. Blue was cared for by PETS volunteers for two months. In this period, Dancer became Blue’s closest friend. Those in the more advanced courses rode Blue. Blue on the Screen. Website

Holiday Stables Bed and Breakfast

Holiday Stables, a full-service equestrian facility in Harwood, Maryland, was founded in 2006 and is roughly 10 miles south of Annapolis. On 60 acres of undulating farmland, we have access to hundreds of acres of open and well-groomed woodland paths. The surrounding countryside near Baltimore and Washington, D.C., has long been utilized for foxhunting. Website

Morningside Stables at Columbia Horse Center

Located in Baltimore, Annapolis, and Columbia, Morningside Stables, LLC offers a broad range of horse services. We provide top-notch equestrian riding instruction at each of our facilities, summer camps, horse rentals, boarding, show teams, and more. Website

LMM Equestrian

Lara hopped on ponies at her aunt’s farm in Central California and fell in love with horses as a child. Vine growth followed the sowing of seeds. Lara’s riding and coaching are based on her love of dressage and eventing, and she stresses the need for solid foundations and a well-rounded training regimen. Having coached children and adults for 13 years, Lara has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with aspiring horseback riders. With her significant experience in equine medicine, Lara offers a unique perspective on the horse athlete. Website

Prince George’s Equestrian Center

Various equestrian activities may be held at the Show Place Arena, including indoor competitions. The Arena horse ring is 120 feet by 240 feet once the footing has been laid. For indoor horse events, 10 inches of limestone dust is used as the footing. Website

Trinity Horse Farm

Montgomery County, Maryland’s Trinity Horse Farm is a family-owned and operated farm with horses for sale. Since 2001, we’ve been offering high-quality training, boarding, and teaching to the local community. Website

Obligation Farm

The Obligation Farm in Harwood, Maryland, which is in the heart of the Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, DC metropolitan regions, is home to En-tice-ment Stables, LLC. It’s the perfect place for small-group instruction in a picturesque rural location. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, we’d love to have you join us. Balanced equitation and hunter/jumper training are provided by highly skilled teachers in our lesson programs. Website