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Best Hiking Trails near me in Montgomery County

Billy Goat Trail

In this park, you’ll be able to learn about the past while also taking advantage of the park’s many recreational opportunities and scenic splendor. Please examine the safety advice and be aware of any closures or current circumstances, such as weather predictions. Learn more

Gold Mine Trail

Two-thirds of the way up, we made it to roughly 1900 feet. Private property access is permitted and encouraged (many thanks!). To get to the cabin, I took the left branch on the way up. It’s a boring trek through an old clearcut, but the cabin is still noteworthy. Website

Black Hill Regional Park Trails

The Little Seneca Lake Water Trail is part of Black Hill Regional Park, in addition to the 4.6-mile Black Hill Trail and more than 16 miles of natural surface pathways. Website

River Trail C&O Canal NHP

There is a riverside trail that leads upstream from the Great Falls Tavern, which provides great views of the Potomac and its wildlife. A route is a great option for those who want to see the majestic Potomac without having to do any rock hopping or climbing since it is both shorter and flatter than Billy Goat A. The route has a single-direction length of a mile (a little over 2 miles round trip from Great Falls Tavern). Website

Little Falls Stream Valley Park

From Fairfax Road in the north to Macarthur Boulevard in the south, this 160-acre park covers a wide area. With a playground, a bike lane, and acres of open space, the park is on the Little Falls Parkway and Capital Crescent Trail. Website

Patuxent River State Park

There are 6,700 natural areas and farms in the park located in Howard and Montgomery counties, along the Patuxent River’s upper 12 miles. There are state wildland areas inside the park. Hunting, fishing, hiking, and horseback riding are the most popular forms of outdoor recreation. A trout stream-approved hunting grounds and unmarked hiking and horse routes are also part of the park. Horses cannot be rented or used on the trails provided by the Maryland Park Service. At the intersection of Maryland Routes 27 and 97, the park is situated in Howard and Montgomery counties. Route 97, Route 94, Mullinix Mill, and Howard Chapel have parking lots connecting to riverside paths. Website

Bethesda Trolley Trail

It is a 4-mile road that connects Bethesda and North Bethesda principally by crossing two major highways, which is why it is called the Bethesda Trolley Trail. The Tennallytown and Rockville Railroad’s abandoned streetcar line is the trail’s location. This has been made possible by constructing two pedestrian and bicycle-only bridges spanning Interstate 270 (the Beltway) and Interstate 495 (the Beltway). Website

Westside Trail

The low-key gravel road can easily be connected to other trails to form loops. ” Travel north along the Westside Trail until Needwood Rd at the lake’s northern tip. Website

Matthew Henson State Park

On Dewey Road between Hewitt Avenue and Bel Pre Elementary School, the route joins the Rock Creek Hiker-Biker Trail. It then heads east through Matthew Henson State Park and continues east over Layhill Road to Alderton Road. Website

Perimeter Trail

Explore the Cheltenham, Maryland, area by taking this 14.3-mile circular path. It takes 3 hours and 26 minutes to finish this fairly difficult course. This is a popular region for hiking, horse racing, and mountain biking, so expect to see many other people while you’re out and about. The path is available all year long and is a wonderful place. Dogs are allowed. However, they must be kept on a leash at all times. Website

Blue Mash Nature Trail

Since 1997, Oaks Landfill has served as the buffer between the Blue Mash Nature Trail at Laytonsville and the Blue Mash Nature Trail. To make the route a reality when the landfill was shut down, the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection teamed together with other organizations and citizens of the neighborhood. In 2001, the Nature Route and an accompanying mixed-use trail (for walkers, cyclists, and equestrian riders) were inaugurated. Website

Clarksburg Greenway Trail

It’s a good thing Wheaton, Md., isn’t a city: A draught of Montgomery Parks’ proposed recommendations for the Wheaton Regional Park Master Plan update will be presented to the Montgomery Planning Board on May 5, 2022, as part of The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC). Planning Board members will be notified of the presentation time and location on the meeting day. There are 536 acres of parkland in Wheaton Regional Park, making it Montgomery County’s biggest park in the southern portion. There was an original master plan in 1987, but it’s currently being modified to better represent the interests of neighboring municipalities and individuals in the surrounding area. Website

Kengla Trail Parking

North Branch and Kengla trails in the North Branch Stream Valley are made up of hard and natural surfaces, respectively. The 13-mile Mid-County Loop trail system includes a substantial portion of this path. The natural surface route, which runs north from Muncaster Mill Road, is first known as the Kengla Trail until changing its name to the North Branch Trail. Website

Great Falls Overlook Trailhead

A fee is required to visit the Great Falls section of C&O Canal National Historical Park. Fees are based on the number of vehicles or motorcycles registered. To enter on foot, bike, or horseback the price is one per person. – Park-specific yearly passes are also available. Website

Ten Mile Creek Trail

With undulating switchbacks and views of the lake, this is a great in/out path for those who want to quickly rack up a lot of kilometers. Several sections are ideal for mountain riding throughout this route. It’s not very crowded and would be a wonderful winter trek since it’s not that rough. Website

Seneca Creek State Park

Six-thousand-thousand-acre Seneca Creek Park weaves its way to the Potomac River for fourteen picturesque miles. Clopper Lake, a 90-acre body of water surrounded by woodlands and meadows, is one of several picturesque spots in the Clopper Day-Use Area. A few of its recreational options include a picnic area, boat rentals, pathways, and a tyre playground. A self-guided tour and a reconstructed 19th-century cabin tell the region’s narrative. This park has almost 50 miles of trails that may be used for equestrian riding, biking, and hiking. Website

Seneca Greenway Trail

Montgomery County’s Seneca Creek Greenway Trail parallels the Great Seneca Creek. This forested, natural surface path connects the Potomac River to the Damascus Regional Park trail system. In addition to several roads that cross the path, most of them provide parking spaces. Website

Magruder Branch Trail

The boardwalk and asphalt sections of the hard-surface path make up most of the route. The 4.2-mile walk follows the Magruder Branch stream valley, which affords stunning vistas of the neighboring highland woods and excellent birding vantage points. The trail’s boardwalk parts cross a creek and its accompanying wetlands. Website

Yellow Trail

Gordon Strong founded the non-profit business Stronghold, Inc. in 1946. The mountain property is owned and operated for the “enjoyment and education in an appreciation of natural beauty” of the general public by the organization. Website

Blockhouse Point Conservation Park & Trails

As part of the Maryland-National Capital Parks and Planning Commission, Montgomery Parks offers access to more than 38,000 acres of parkland and more than 420 parks to the city’s inhabitants and tourists. Montgomery County, Maryland, is home to Montgomery Parks. Website