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Boxes Point Trail

Thousands of wintering birds, including the tundra swan, flock to the 2,285-acre island of Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge. Swans and other waterfowl graze on the grasses found in the river and its restricted reaches… In addition to brackish marsh and wetlands, the Eastern Neck refuge provides habitats for upland woodland and grasslands. Important Bird Areas (IBAs) have been designated for refuge by the Audubon Society. The refuge attracts more than 240 bird species and small animals, and a wide variety of other wildlife. Website

Tidal Marsh Overlook Trail

The trail begins near the back of the resort. The visitor center and gift store are housed in a stunning lodge. However, there isn’t much of a path to speak of. It was a short walk to a duck blind from here. However, the sea views are very stunning. Website