Hiking Trails in Harford County

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Best Hiking Trails near me in Harford County

Rocks State Park

In rural northern Harford County, Rocks State Park has 855 acres of rocky forest area. Website

Ma & Pa Heritage Trail

In Bel-Air in Forest Hill, Maryland, the MA & PA Heritage Trail follows the defunct Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad route. The MA & PA Heritage Trail, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is dedicated to making the MA & PA Trail in Harford County the greatest sport in the area to walk, run, or cycle. In Bel Air, the route extends for 3.3 miles, while in Forest Hill, it extends for 1.7 miles. Website

Susquehanna State Park

Susquehanna State Park, located in the Susquehanna River valley, has a broad range of outdoor leisure activities. The park is home to another of Maryland’s most popular mountain bike routes, while the river itself attracts anglers and boaters alike. In addition to the regular campsites and cabins, there is a family-friendly campground in Susquehanna State Park. With its restored Rock Run Historic Area, which includes a running gristmill and the Gordon Mansion, Jersey Toll House, and the ruins of the Susquehanna and Tidewater Canal, it’s no surprise that history fans would flock to the area. Website

King & Queen Seat

The 855-acre Rocks State Park in northern Harford County is a rocky forest oasis. There are two main points of interest in Rocks: King and Queen Seat and Kilgore Falls (shown). Three picnic spots, 3.5 miles of hiking paths, and access to Deer Creek, which is good for fishing, wading, and tubing, are found in the park’s central part. Hidden Valley and Falling Branch, two of the park’s two satellite sites, are only a short drive away from the main park. Website

Kilgore Falls

About five miles to the north of the main Rocks State Park, a separate 67-acre plot of property called Falling Branch. In this area, you’ll find Maryland’s second-highest vertical drop waterfall, the 17-foot-tall Kilgore Falls. A peaceful hiking track leads back to the waterfall in an undeveloped, ecologically sensitive region. Website