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Golf Courses near me in Worcester County

Eagle’s Landing

The best golf course in Ocean City: Eagle’s Landing. Several distinctive features distinguish our facility from others in the area while you relax and take in the sights. In particular, we’re dedicated to ensuring the long-term survival of our ecosystems and the resources they contain. It’s impossible to ignore the natural splendor in this area. Salt marshes around Sinepuxent Bay and the barrier island of Assateague are just two examples of the many varied ecosystems we have to offer. Wetland areas, grassland areas, and a lovely tidal lake situated between our tenth and twelfth holes complete the list of features of our course. However, we aim to go farther than merely showcasing nature’s splendor; we include environmental stewardship into every part of this training. Natural pest control strategies such as planting buffer strips around wetlands and using recirculated irrigation water are ways we are showing our commitment to the environment. Innumerable nest boxes have been placed throughout the course by our grounds workers. We offer homes for various birds, including bluebirds, mallards, purple martins, and sparrow hawks. As the first fully designated Audubon Sanctuary in Maryland, we take great pride in our wide variety of birds. Take note of all the animals and birds you’re likely to encounter. Website

Nutters Crossing

Nutters Crossing Golf Course, Inc. is a company in the Other Amusement and Recreation Industries sector based in Salisbury, Maryland, the United States. Over 300 people work at Nutters Crossing Golf Course, Inc., producing $13.67 million in revenue (USD). The corporate family of Nutters Crossing Golf Course, Inc. consists of three distinct entities. Website

Winter Quarters Golf Course

Greetings from Pocomoke City, Maryland. For those looking for a fun-filled day of fishing, boating, jet-skiing, canoeing, or kayaking, the Pocomoke River is the deepest in the world for its width and is flanked by gorgeous Cypress trees. You’ll be able to observe American Bald Eagles, birds, and animals of all kinds on a riverboat cruise. During your time spent by the river, take a walk along our 1.5-mile downtown Nature Trail to see the diverse array of trees and birds that make this stretch of the Pocomoke River so beautiful! The Delmarva Peninsula, where we live, is a haven for beachgoers, surfers, hunters, fishermen, bird watchers, and anybody else who appreciates the simple pleasures of coastal living. Website