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Breweries near me in Talbot County

Eastern Shore Brewing

There has been an Eastern Shore Brewing Company since the 28th of August, 2008. Owned and operated by Adrian and Lori Moritz, a husband-and-wife team. Eastern Shore Brewing is presently the Eastern Shore’s longest-running brewery. If you inquire around the bar, you may hear a different version of the tale. One that is truly based in Vermont for Eastern Shore Brewing. According to legend, the wildebeests roamed the countryside between Easton and Tilghman in 1993, when the winters were harsh, and the wildebeests roamed the farmland. When Adrian was a young man growing up in the north, he learned that although it is true that you had to be 21 years old to purchase Beer, you did not have to be 21 to purchase grain. As far north as Quebec, they claim the lightning bolt from that notion was seen. Adrian’s home brewing skills have improved with time, from 5 gallons to 10 gallons and more. The insect had bitten him ten years ago, and now he lived with it. Eventually, inviting Lori to join him in the brewing process. (Insert Romantic Scene) : Because young couples in love commonly get married, it wasn’t long before Joycelyn arrived in a baby carriage for Adrian and Lori. Grandparents, as every young family knows, like spending time with their grandkids. Website