Breweries in Montgomery County

Breweries near me

Breweries near me in Montgomery County

Find Breweries in Montgomery County. Read below to find one and learn more.

Elder Pine Brewing & Blending

The Elder Pine embodies our innate capacity for inventiveness. We’re on a never-ending quest to make better beers. We brew and combine traditional types with a contemporary touch on our family farm. We are dedicated to quality and perfection, and we pay tribute to the pioneers who came before us by recognizing purity in our ingredients and integrity in our processes. Our Beer is always changing, but it is firmly entrenched in our history and the people who make it. What is our identity? Paul, Andrew, George, and David. Brothers and brewers. Friends and relatives. All kinds of creative people: artists, musicians, engineers, and chemists. And last but not least, beer drinkers. Come along on the ride. Website

True Respite Brewing Company

In addition to house-brewed beers, local wine, cider, and snacks are available at this artisan brewery and taproom. Website

Silver Branch Brewing Company

As a production brewery and taproom, Silver Branch Brewing Company is situated right in the middle of downtown Silver Spring, only a few blocks from the Red Line Metro station.Christian Layke and Brett A. Robison established Silver Branch in January 2017 as a partnership. Having a deep understanding of the four main brewing traditions, they’ll be able to craft outstanding beers that pay homage to the best of European and American brewing history. When you drink a beer from Silver Branch, you won’t be able to put it down until you’ve finished your last one. Website

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery

Rock Bottom’s dedication to quality and leadership in the beer business has earned it more than 200 medals from major competitions, including the World Beer Cup® and the Great American Beer Festival®. Website

Brookeville Beer Farm

Brookeville Beer Farm is located in a small town rich in history.  We have outdoor and covered seating with live music on the weekends. We serve beer, wine, and brick oven pizza. Brookeville Beer Farm

Loan Oak Brewery

Lone Oak is not just a brewery at a farm. Rather, it’s a farm with a brewery. It’s 28 acres of bucolic fields and streams, a pond, and wide-open spaces.  It’s wildflowers and wildlife.  It’s crops – barley and hops – and berries and hay. It’s bees raised to produce honey. It’s sunsets and a majestic, pre-Civil War oak tree. Loan Oak Brewery