Lacrosse in Maryland Universities

Did you know that in the history of organized sports, lacrosse is by far the oldest organized sport in North America? According to Wikipedia, nearly four centuries ago, early European settlers modified a North American Indian stickball game dating back to the 1200s into pretty much what the game is today. They later gave it its present name, “La Crosse” (The Stick), which turned into the singular-word name. This game became more formalized with written rules in 1867 and became a competitive sport in elite prep schools and colleges, primarily in the northeastern U.S.

The popularity of lacrosse has grown over the decades in numbers of schools and players and geographically. It has become the fastest-growing sport in U.S. high schools and colleges.

The popularity of Lacrosse in the USA

A source indicates that in the U.S., three-quarters of a million people played lacrosse in 2017. The participants in the sport at the high school level grew by 15 percent between 2012-13 among boys in U.S. boarding schools, and the sport became as popular as football and basketball at those schools. At the college level, there was a growth of 28 percent from 2009-14. The sport has become an NCAA staple and two professional leagues comprising more than 20 teams were established in the past three decades, Major League Lacrosse and National League Lacrosse

The popularity of lacrosse has long been concentrated in New England and the Mid-Atlantic states on the East Coast. Other Native American tribes that originated this sport were based in this region. Upstate New York and Maryland are the hotbeds of talent for lacrosse colleges. Johns Hopkins, Syracuse, and Baltimore recently combined to win 19 men’s national championships since the first DI NCAA lacrosse tournament in 1971.

Overall Benefits of Playing Lacrosse

It helps many athletes to do better academically

Lacrosse also requires repetition, memorization, and learning skillsets directly relevant to class work. Additionally, this sport’s determination and goal-setting skills can be transferred to the classroom.

Teaches teamwork and problem-solving skills

The game involves fighting for a common goal with a group of players which builds teamwork and improves communication to solve problems. Such experience is helpful when encountering problems later in life, at home, or at work.

Physical health benefits of sports

This sport can help the students become physically fit by encouraging the maintenance of a healthy weight. Additionally, the sport promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Lacrosse boosts self-esteem

Achieving goals and winning develops self-confidence in players.

The Basic Rules of Lacrosse

1.  This game is played with ten players comprising of:

  • 3 Attackmen- Their responsibility is to score goals, and they generally restrict their play to the offensive end of the field.
  • 3 Defenders- Their role is to defend the goal by restricting their play to the defensive end of the field.
  • 3 Midfielders- They are responsible for covering the entire field, playing both offense and defense. They are a key to the transition game and are called upon to clear the ball from defense to offense.
  • 1 Goalie- The sole responsibility is to stop the opposing team from scoring.

2.  The team is awarded one point upon scoring.

3.  The lacrosse ball is not to be touched by a player’s hand except by the goalie.

4.  Players must avoid an offsides penalty by ensuring four players are behind the defensive-area line.

5.  The opposing player cannot contact the goalie or the goalie’s stick while the goalie is in the goal crease area.

6.    Play will stop immediately after the ball goes out of bounds. For any reason other than a shot, the possession is given to the team that did not touch the ball last.

Basic Play

The lacrosse face-off is similar to a hockey face and the game begins with a face-off in the center Face-off square or circle. The opponents face each other and try to win possession of the ball. The difference is that in lacrosse face-off, two players start on their hands and feet with their sticks laying along the center line and the ball between the heads of the sticks. The objective is to get close enough to the opponent’s net to throw the ball into the net, scoring a goal. For this game, a goal counts as one point.

Universities That Offer Lacrosse in Maryland

The University of Maryland –At College Park

This is the best school for D1 Men’s Lacrosse athletes in Maryland working on their bachelor’s degrees. Students who start at school are likely to stick around. The freshman retention rate is 95%.

Loyola University Maryland

You’ll join some of the best athletes if you attend Loyola University, Maryland.

The lacrosse team members aren’t slouched in the classroom either, since the team’s academic progress rate is an excellent 988.

With a retention rate of 87%, the school does an excellent job at retaining its students.

Johns Hopkins University

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, this large private not-for-profit school awarded. The great academic progress rate of 987 shows that team members also perform well in the classroom. Johns Hopkins Lacrosse

Scholarship Opportunity When You Join a Lacrosse College

NCSA College Recruiting helps scholarship hopefuls get connected with collegiate coaches. More than 35,000 coaches are using the platform to find student-athletes. NCSA has partnerships with associations such as USA Lacrosse and USA Today High School Sports.

Tips to Know

Those aiming for college lacrosse scholarships in Maryland must try to follow a recruiting timeline throughout high school. Additionally, they must set goals and strive to reach out to several coaches monthly. If you are having trouble getting camp invites from your favorite colleges, talk to your club coach and ask how you could improve your exposure to more Lacrosse competitions.

Final Take Away

Lacrosse continues to grow in popularity with its expansion reaching colleges in the United States. Maryland continues to raise talents for lacrosse colleges and if you’re looking to start your lacrosse career, you may want to check out the schools mentioned in this article. Best of luck!

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