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Breweries near me in Washington DC

Supreme Core Cider

The National Arboretum is immediate across the street from this property’s entrance. At any one moment, there will be at least ten different kinds of unique ciders on tap. Website

Right Proper Brewing Company

Right, Proper Brewing Company was founded in Shaw, DC, in 2013 as a small neighborhood brewery right next to the historic Howard Theatre. Our goal is to provide a diverse selection of fresh, great Beer, paired with authentic food at a reasonable price and served by a friendly and helpful staff member. Website

DC Brau

One of the world’s most famous beer towns had no local breweries until recently. Since Christian Heurich closed the doors of his brewery in the 1950s, Washington DC had no brewery whose goods could be found in local shops and on tap outside of its manufacturing location. While there were brewpubs, no breweries existed in the area. Let us now welcome Brandon Skall, Jeff Hancock, and Mari Rodela to the team. In 2009, a group of friends set out to fill a hole in the local beer scene. The DC Brau Brewing Company poured its first keg of beer, made completely in-state, on Tax Day 2011, two years after it initially opened. Brewing award-winning beer ever since, the brewery now distributes throughout the wider National Capital Region, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and beyond using a tasty and distinctly American combination of North American and European processes and ingredients. Website


Because of this, BLUEJACKET’S beer director Greg Engert and his team of brewers are able to experiment with the widest variety of styles and flavors. Understanding and respect for the traditions and techniques of classic beer brewing coexist with a spirit of constant experimentation, innovation, and collaboration, leading to delicious beers that showcase seasonality, culinary inspiration, and historical interpretation.

Be prepared for beers that range from intensely flavorful to subtly nuanced, that provide something distinct and satisfying for every palate and every plate, and that reflect equally the past and present as well as the future of genuine craft brewing. This is what you can expect from the new brewery.

Breweries in the region will soon begin shipping Beer to carefully selected restaurants, bars, and retail outlets. The restaurant and bar provide a rotating selection of twenty different Blue Jacket beers and five different Blue Jacket cask ales, all served at the correct temperature, and most of them are only available on-site at Blue Jacket Brewing Company. Exec.

Chef Marcelle Afram oversees the kitchen, which uses the finest locally sourced products and refines and extends the classic fare of beer halls and public houses. Brewpub Bluejacket occupies an area that is just as unique as the establishment itself. One of the few remaining industrial buildings in Washington, DC, the BOILERMAKER SHOPS was built in 1919 as part of the Navy Yards Ship and Munitions Manufacturing Complex.  Website